Update: Fees are changing in 2014. We will be having Registration nights to collect the Insurance fees and the start of 1st term. We’ll be updating this page soon.

Here are the fees for this year.

We would appreciate that your fees are paid by the 3rd week of the term. Please contact the treasurer if there are any problems.

Non payment of fees (without an arrangement being made) will result in your child being unable to attend.

Name Description Amount When Charged
Joining Fees Scouts Australia once only administration fee. $20.00 When invested.
Insurance Scout Australia fee for insurance. $34.00 Charged Quarterly from the term invested.
Group Fees Running costs for the Hall, badges, activities. $55.00 Charged Quarterly starting from the next term after being invested.
Discounts Discount on Group fees for the following:
Second and subsequent children from 1 family.
Committee members and leaders children.
$7.50 Discount applied quarterly to fees.
Special Circumstances: Please contact the treasurer or Group Leader if you are experiencing difficulties with fees and arrangements/consideration will be made.

The treasurer will send you an invoice when fees are due (usually around the start of each term).
Fees can be paid by eft or cheque only as mentioned on the invoice.

Please make payment by eft to
account shown on your invoice
quoting the members name or invoice number as a reference

or by cheque made payable to :
The Scout Association of Australia NSW branch First Emu Plains Group

Please post cheques to:
1st Emu Plains Scouts
PO Box 10
Emu Plains NSW 2750

Please note:

  • no cash will be accepted
  • fees are not to be paid to leaders

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